Election & Committee

Election & Committee

Digital marketing has become an essential tool for effective Political Campaign. Digital marketing makes it easy to connect with voters and reach the targeted audience for the very low cost. Political parties across the globe are learning that along with advertising on traditional mediums such as television and newspapers, they must invest in digital marketing if they want to compete with their rival parties.

Bulk SMS Solution

SMS provides a cost effective and Cheap SMS delivery capability with fast, simple, effective & efficient real-time communication. There are boundless bulk SMS Software's available in Market, but before buying any such or cheap SMS software and missing edge of revolution.

Social Media Campaign

Election Software has the leading political and social research unit. Election Software Political & Social is uniquely placed to conduct research on any social issue, in any environment.


  • Cloud base Solution for Real Time Integration
  • Application for War Room to Monitor Each Booth
  • All the data will be available 24X7
  • It can be accessible from anywhere via using Internet.
  • Mobile App for Booth Manager
  • Mobile App is easy to use for Any person.
  • User can search using diffrent parameters
  • Your data is 100% safe.

List of application modules:

  • Login
  • Homepage
  • Manage Election
  • Election Setup
  • Candidate
  • Committee
  • Vote Center
  • Member
  • Campaign
  • Voters
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Manage SMS
  • Master data
  • Setting Option (Global)
  • Setting Location
  • Member/ Voter import
  • Configuration